kids BJJ GD North Phoenix Discoveries BJJWe welcome students 5+ years of age into our BJJ Discoveries Program (kids BJJ). Children are quick learners, they love to imitate and they are filled with energy. Running, jumping, squatting, rolling and hopping are normal activities for every child. The Discoveries Program at North Phoenix Brazilian Jiu Jitsu channels this energy to build character and help each student achieve their highest possible goals. Safety is always a priority and you can expect your child to achieve peak physical condition, develop eye, hand and foot coordination in addition to balance. Kids love doing the moves and a strong foundation is built that will last a lifetime.

At North Phoenix Brazilian Jiu Jitsu our instructors are there to guide, instruct, and motivate each child to be the best that they can be. We believe that in order to build a champion kid, a coach needs to understand that each child has his or her own unique abilities. Our program allows your child to find the inner-strength and confidence to know they can achieve anything they put their minds to.

Student Expectations:
Safety is priority. You are responsible for your teammates’ safety and they are responsible for yours.
Respect everyone- instructors and students. Show respect, get respect.
Keep your uniform clean. Keep yourself properly groomed- nails should be trimmed and no jewelry
can be worn during class.
Be on time for class. If late, wait for instructor permission to enter class. Let the instructor know ahead of time if you need to leave class early.
Always bow or shake hands before and after rolling.
Refrain from horseplay, talking, and interrupting while your instructor is teaching.
Our team has a zero tolerance policy for any harassment. Any harassment should be immediately reported to your instructor.

Parent Expectations:
No coaching during class or water breaks.North Phoenix BJJ Youth Team Party Pic
Please keep the volume down.
Do not sit on or walk across the mat without instructor permission.
Tournaments: Although we do encourage tournament participation as a great learning opportunity for our students, it is not required for any student to ever compete in tournaments. Please visit the following website resources for rules/ registration – |